A great deal of thought and planning has gone into La Boucherie’s menu to ensure there is something for everyone. From tender, premium T-bones cut to your size specifications to sublime seafood, cheeses and ribs. Sharing plates are on offer and eating is a hands-on experience as diners are encouraged to enjoy the texture of ribs as they eat with their fingers. If you want something buttery, delicate and tender, you will find that on the menu; just as you will find rich full-bodied meals best paired with robust red wines. Food is sourced locally and from the Southern parts of Australia and the menu at all times reflects the very best produce available.

Good food must be complemented by good wine. Josh Mason’s passion does not end with food. He has used his extensive knowledge of wine and food to select wines that are perfectly paired with the dishes on offer. Just like Quoi, La Boucherie will offer a diverse wine list comprised of well-known Australian wines from  all regions of Australia.  Included on the wine lists are also wines from France, Germany, Italy and other parts of the world. Both the casual wine drinker and the wine connoisseur are catered to at La Boucherie.

Meet Sabrina

Local French Brasserie of the Hills

9686 7454 - Open 5 days

Mon & Tue - Closed

Fri & Sun Lunch 12-3 pm

Wed-Sun Dinner & Sun 6-10 pm

Our Story

La Boucherie is an exciting new steak restaurant in Baulkham Hills the likes of which has not been seen in North Western Sydney. Situated in the heart of the Hills District, La Boucherie’s owners have set their sights on being the very best steak restaurant in North West Sydney. Indeed, they aim to be the best steak restaurant in Sydney. La Boucherie is brought to you by the owners of Quoi Dining,  a renowned local restaurant that has been awarded Chef Hats two years in a row also located in Baulkham Hills by the Norwest Lake. La Boucherie will however have a more relaxed vibe. La Boucherie is perfect for families, business lunches and couples who want to enjoy a casual dinner. Yet you’ll still experience incredible food, reasonable prices and the excellent service diners at Quoi have come to expect.


Mouth-watering smoky flavours are the restaurant’s signature style. Premium foods including aged meats, different kinds of seafoods and local vegetables are cooked in stunning form with the meat being cooked over stone and coals. You’ll be salivating from the moment you walk in La Boucherie’s door. Food is plated with great character and style that will ensure that not only your taste buds  but all your senses are delighted. Add in the ambience of warm wooden floors, timber furniture and sleek stainless-steel features and you will soon find yourself right at home at La Boucherie.

The Menu

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Meet the Chef

Josh Mason’s love and passion for his profession are evident in his gastronomic creations. When you eat at La Boucherie you are eating food prepared by one of Australia’s best chefs. He has worked tirelessly to perfect his craft and has been richly rewarded. In 2014 he was awarded an Australian Gold Medal in a prominent competition that is recognised internationally. He was soon to attract the attention of some industry heavy hitters. Before long, Josh found himself working overseas in San Francisco in one of the top 100 restaurants in the world. A restaurant with two Michelin Stars.


In 2017 Josh returned to Australia determined to bring his knowledge, skills and talent to the people in his local area. Rather than open a restaurant in the heart of the city, Josh made it his mission to bring fine dining to North Western Sydney and opened Quoi in partnership with Sabrina Marcel. Josh’s food has been enjoyed by thousands of diners in the Hills District and he is unwavering in his resolution to make La Boucherie equally as outstanding an experience.

Co-owner of La Boucherie and Quoi, Sabrina Marcel has years of business experience and is the silent backbone of the business. Quite unassuming, yet unfailingly welcoming, Sabrina can be found managing the restaurant’s operations, ordering inventory, looking after the payroll and accounting, making coffee and cocktails, and even washing dishes if the need arises. You might be surprised to find the owner serving food directly to you, but Sabrina sees it as part of her role to do whatever it takes to ensure that her guests’ needs are met.


Originally from Mauritius, Sabrina’s French influence is clearly discernible on both La Boucherie and Quoi. Sabrina, like Josh, is fiercely driven to see La Boucherie become the best steak restaurant in Sydney and in particular the only steak restaurant of note in the Hills District. Under Sabrina’s guidance, La Boucherie will become more than the cliched steakhouse.

 We know you will LOVE our food 


Mon & Tue  Closed

Wed - Sun dinner  6-10 pm

Fri & Sun lunch from 12:00 - 3 pm


3B, Old Northern Road

Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153

Parking Raemot Ln


p: 02 9686 7454

e: info@laboucherie.com.au 


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